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Sultans Of Swing (Some Live Licks)  Calling Elvis (Classic Live Lick 1991-1992)
Brothers In Arms (Mandela 1988 Middle Solo) 
Telegraph Road (Final Solo Licks 2010 Live)
Money for Nothing (Riff Live 1991-1992)  Boom Like That  (1st Solo Studio) 

Telegraph Road (Licks 2008 Live)   What It Is (Final Solo 2005 Live)
Sultans Of Swing (Meddle 3 Parts Live)  Solid Rock (Middle Solo 1992 Live)
Calling Elvis (Long Solo Basel 1992)  Metroland (First Solo)  Calling Elvis (Scale)

  Calling Elvis (Licks 1991-1992 Live)  Silvertown Blues (Intro Studio) 
Imelda (Riff)  Heavy Fuel (Final of Intro On The Night)  Millionaire Blues (Part of Central Solo)
Boom Like That (2 Solos 2005 Live)  Calling Elvis (1996 Live Intro)
When It Comes To You (Mini Intro Live 1992)  Telegraph Road (Live Licks 2008-2010 Style)

In 1995 at the age of 18 I destroyed my wrists apparently because I was playing too much,
I have been visited by a huge number of doctors and experts but never achieved any improvement.
 I can 'play' only very few minutes (10 mins) and then the pain is so extreme that I must rest 10 days to calm it down
and return to the starting point, so basically I can play never and I am very limited in everything, touch and precision.
The tones themselves are not representative of what I would like to do, guitars apart I don't even own any gear
so I just used the first decent sound available from friends' gear and 'play' those 10 minutes...

it has been a small miracle to record in these conditions, I hope they are appreciated anyway.
Guitars used PensaSuhr Fender Gibson
Amps used Soldano MesaBoogie Vox